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The Christian Chain is a Phoenix Arizona non-profit working to fulfill God's plan for the Church to be unified as one.

We believe that it is evident through the Scriptures that God longs for unity within His Church. We also believe that we are a single Church made up of many denominations. Through ministry partnerships, online forums, and actionable programs, we strive to live out Jesus' prayer for the Church in John 17:20-23, and Paul's exhortation for the church in Ephesians 4:1-6.

From the time of Jesus' Great Commission, the Church has continued to grow (and divide) as a Church Body. Here are a few estimates* and a fact:

Statement of Faith

We Believe.... click here for our full Statement of Faith.

Organization's History

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Our Vision see Christian churches working across denominational barriers, maintaining the Unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Our Mission connect people to people, churches to churches and the world to Jesus Christ.

Our Focus

...through the creation of resources and the building of strategic partnerships, our focus is to bring together actionable programs that help the Christian Community work across denominational barriers to further the kingdom of God.

Estimates* and a Fact

From the time of Christ, we have continue to grow and divide as a Church body.


Christians in the United States*


Congregations in the United States*





Ways to Support Us

There are many ways to show your support for our non-profit. Some active, and some passive. Below are listed some of the ways that you can show your support.


Offering prayer support for TCC


Offering financial support for TCC

Grocery Shopping

Setting up TCC to receive a donation each time you shop at participating stores.

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Board of Directors

These are our board of directors who help direct the ministry focus here at The Christian Chain.

God has blessed us with an amazing team of professionals that have a heart to see God's Church unified. You can meet our team by clicking here.

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