Shopping Online

Setting up TCC to receive a donation each time you shop at

Type of Support: Passive


Do you shop online using Amazon? If so, you can do your shopping through and setup The Christian Chain to benefit from your purchases. Follow the following steps to setup TCC as the recipient each time you shop at Amazon through their website.

Step 1: Go to

If you have not setup a charity in the past, then you will be brought directly to the "Select a charity" page. (Skip to Step 2). Otherwise, you will need to click on the "Support" link under the search box.

Step 2: Enter our charity name into the search box.

You will see featured charities and then a search box under that section where you can enter our name. Enter in "The Christian Chain" and click on the "Search" button

Step 3: Select our organization from the list.

We should be the first organization listed. The name will be "The Christian Chain, Inc" with an incorporation year of 2012 and located in Phoenix, AZ.

Confirmation Page

Once you select our organization, you will be brought to a confirmation page letting you know that you are now supporting us, to shop through in order to have your purchases count toward your support, and it will show you how much your shopping online has generated in donations to our organization.

Take Note: Make the final purchase at

If you utilize Amazon's mobile app, or have any bookmarks saved to go to, you can continue to use them to shop, but just not to purchase. They do require that you go through their site in order to have your purchase count towards supporting the charity of your choice. The good news is that you can still shop has you have normally done in the past. The thing to remember though is that when you are ready to check out, you need to change to the site. All of your items that you added to your shopping cart will be shown in your shopping cart. Then, you can proceed through checkout and have your purchase count towards your support to our organization.