2022 Recap - State of TCC and its Ministry Projects

Looking back over TCC's work for 2022

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2022 Recap - State of TCC and its Ministry Projects

Looking back over TCC's work for 2022

Posted by: CDFWarrington on Monday, December 19, 2022 at 9:29PM

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2022 has seen a lot of growth with Prayer Nook, and foundational work laid to prepare for 10-year anniversary year coming 2023! Below are some of the highlights on our various ministries and hints towards what you can expect in the coming year.

Prayer Nook

Prayer Nook has seen a large increase in members and usage for the service. Below I have taken four different metrics and compared year over year (Y.O.Y.) growth.

New Members

These numbers only show those that have created an account with Heis Soma and connected it to the PrayerNook site.

Year Total Change Y.O.Y. % Change
2020 55 -- --
2021 244 189 343.64%
2022 329 85 34.84%

Prayer Requests Made

Prayer Requests are the foundation of the Prayer Nook app. These numbers show unique requests made by members.

Year Total Change Y.O.Y. % Change
2020 49 -- --
2021 194 145 295.92%
2022 678 484 249.48%

Prayers Made

Prayers made can also be thought of as prayers offered for a request that was made. So, where as the table above shows how many requests are being made, this table shows how many times those requests are being prayed for by others.

Year Total Change Y.O.Y. % Change
2020 155 -- --
2021 616 461 297.42%
2022 3,558 2,942 477.60%
TOTAL 4329

Journal Entries Written

Journal entries are made by members that wish to write out their prayers, or keep a daily prayer journal to remember what they were praying for. A member's journal is automatically updated to reflect any time they state they are praying for a request as well as when they create/update or mark a request as being answered. The numbers in this table only reflect the written entries, not the auto-generated entries.

Year Total Change Y.O.Y. % Change
2020 44 -- --
2021 125 81 184.09%
2022 524 399 319.20%

Samaritan Bags

With the continuing affects of the COVID-19 pandemic, our packing events for Samaritan Bags have been put on hold. This saddens me as the need is still great, if not greater now than it has been in years past. In an endeavor to meet this growing need, I have developed a separate project for Samaritan Bags called Samaritan Kits. These will be kits that people can purchase to pack the Samaritan Bags at home. It is my hope that, as part of our 10-year anniversary year, we will be able to partner with various churches in the greater Phoenix area to setup drop off locations for these kits. That way members of the various congregations can purchase the kits and then pick them up each month at their church (or a church near by).

Partners in Unity

Another area that the COVID-19 pandemic has hindered our ministry work is with Partners in Unity. Unfortunately the primary project of this ministry is to help church leadership see how they are doing in the area of ecumenical unity. This is done primarily through a congregational survey. Since the pandemic started in 2020, in-person church attendance has seen a large dip. The churches that I have approached to do our Unity Gauge survey, have declined stating that they do not feel they would get an accurate representation of their congregation at this time. Each church contact was enthusiastic about the survey though and showed great interest in taking part once their in-person attendance returns to normal.

Unity Accord

Our Unity Accord website has seen a lot of visitors over the past 2 years. Using Google Analytics, we are able to see that, since the site's launch late 2020, we have had 3,591 new visitors to the site with an average of 68% of those visitors interacting with the site and its content. This is wonderful to be seen and I will be working next year on trying to gain understanding on how to increase the percentage of those that decide to sign the Unity Accord.

Heis Soma

Heis Soma is our member login site. This site is where a person can create an account that gives them access to all our ministry resources. Since its launch, we have had 2502 new visitors to the site with a high percentage of those signing up for an account. The service continues to work strong and we plan on adding additional functionality to the member profile area in the coming year.

Preparations for our 10-year anniversary year

It has been difficult to decide in what areas I wish to focus for our 10-year anniversary year. With limited resources and man hours, all the plans I have are not feasible. That being said, I do plan on making large improvements to the Prayer Nook web and mobile applications as well as focusing on marketing Samaritan Kits. I also have many other plans that I will be releasing throughout the year. So, keep checking back, signup for our email list and connect on social media to stay in the loop!